Client: CBRE | Raleigh

CBRE | Raleigh is a joint venture of CBRE and is the leading commercial real estate services provider in the Raleigh-Durham area. As a part of the CBRE family, these guys provide unparalleled service and are internationally renown for the innovation, quality, and ability to facilitate the economy in ways that benefit business and community.

If you randomly pick any number of high profile, impactful spaces in the Raleigh-Durham area, there is a good chance CBRE | Raleigh played a role.

Capitol B Creative Studios Our Work CBRE

The process.

We initially developed a relationship with CBRE | Raleigh by being tasked with running display ads on WRAL TechWire, one of the leading tech news blogs in the region, and one that our parent company owns as well. We came to see CBRE | Raleigh as a true thought leader, and an organization who considered innovation in all things.

Their work speaks for itself, we just needed to help get the word out to more people. Over the course of several meetings, we determined the WRAL audience captured most if not all of CBRE |Raleigh’s target demographic, so a variety of tactics across WRAL’s platforms would reach the right people in the right ways.

CBRE | Raleigh was open to traditional approaches, as well as innovative approaches that would stand out among what we sometimes refer to as the sea of sameness.

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The deliverables.

​1) Branded Content Articles

The first step was writing a series of articles in partnership with TechWire where we positioned CBRE | Raleigh as who they already were: An innovative, industry-leading organization, and the first commercial real estate company any Wake County resident should think of when any conversation about commercial real estate came up.

2) Infographics

CBRE | Raleigh had dozens of impressive reports, but we needed a way to communicate them to average people and in a shorter amount of time. We went with animated infographics that lived on TechWire. These featured stories were highly graphical and came to life as the user scrolled down the page. They presented information in a digestible format, and highlighted the strength of the Triangle’s commercial real estate market to every user who viewed them.

Capitol B Creative Studios Our Work CBRE
Capitol B Creative Studios Our Work CBRE

3) Video Production

We are in the process of filming some CBRE | Raleigh-backed Innovation Road Trip episodes highlight the interesting innovation around life science happening in some of CBRE | Raleigh’s buildings. The Triangle region is a hub for entrepreneurship and science, and CBRE has been at the forefront.

Innovation Road Trip is a web series we’ve launched in partnership with WRAL TechWire, where we highlight the ongoing story of North Carolina’s innovation. Few places in the world match the exciting things happening in the Tar Heel state, and it is our responsibility and privilege to tell that story in a graspable way people will pay attention to.

4) Ad Campaign

Since the beginning of our relationship with CBRE | Raleigh, we have teamed up to write copy and come up with creative visuals and approaches to support their advertising efforts. CBRE | Raleigh’s work is aesthetically-pleasing, so our approach to their ads is simple messaging with beautiful imagery, and packaged in a way compelling enough to get somewhat in their target market to click and learn more.

The results.

Our CBRE project has gone well and our relationship continues to grow. Average article page views were over 5,000. The fully branded interactive Live, Work, and Plan reports garnered 2,360 and 3,818 page views respectively. As CBRE | Raleigh continues to amplify its voice and brand in the triangle region, our aim is to help establish them as a household name and the first development company people think of.

Capitol B Creative Studios Our Work CBRE