Innovation Road Trip

Known for being first in flight, North Carolina is still pioneering the future. Join Capitol B Creative Studios as we proudly shine a spotlight on the people and places moving the needle forward in our great state.

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Innovation Road Trip seeks to inspire all ages, races, and genders to contribute to North Carolina’s story of innovation. The future favors anyone bold enough to take action and create exciting and interesting possibilities for themselves and others.

Help us reinforce to North Carolinians that they are part of a proud heritage, and that they can be innovative, successful, productive individuals regardless of their circumstances.

Season 1

Episode 1


Few medical advances rival the promise and potential of gene-editing. Still in its infancy, CRISPR technology is already leaving the scientific community astonished by its capabilities. This episode introduces you to some of the world’s key players in gene-editing, both of whom happen to live and work right here in the Triangle region of North Carolina.

Episode 2

Innovate Carolina

See how a lab in Chapel Hill is pioneering a drug-delivery platform for women that is faster, cheaper, more accurate, and more accessible in third-world countries. Learn all about the entrepreneurial incubator enabling it to happen.

Episode 3


Biotech companies in North Carolina are actively discovering and inventing solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Discover the role North Carolina and NCBiotech are playing in improving the human condition in North Carolina and beyond.

Episode 4

Jarrett Bay Boatworks

How does a ship builder who produces one boat per year change an entire industry? By relentlessly pursuing the goal of putting customers first. Watch this interview with Jarrett Bay Boatworks founder Randy Ramsey and get inspired to chart your own course of success.

Episode 5

CBRE Raleigh

Learn why the Research Triangle region continues to attract the likes of Amazon, Apple, Google and other tech giants and what this means for innovation and opportunity now and in the next five years.

Episode 6

Gig East

Witness how a scrappy gigabit-connected southern town has re-written its history again by creating a sustaining culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.


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