Capitol B Invests

We’re co-investing up to $1.5 million in matching marketing funds with organizations serving North Carolina’s economic and social good.

For many, marketing strategy, brand development, and multi-media marketing efforts play a key role in stimulating and sustaining economic activity and social change. 

Capitol B is co-investing to double the impact of organizations serving North Carolina’s economic and social good through innovation, local media strategy, capacity building, and more. Partners include local and county governments, tourism authorities, education foundations, public-private partnerships, small businesses, and nonprofits.   


Accelerate your impact

Whether you are just getting started with your brand and marketing efforts, or you have a vision you’re ready to manifest to reality, CBC Invests can help you scale your efforts and accelerate your impact.

Services we provide include:

  • Brand Development
  • Brand Awareness Campaigns
  • Video Production
  • Market Research
  • Graphic Design
  • Media Planning
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Business Consulting & Advising
  • And More

Questions? We are here to help.

A member of our team will respond to you within one business day.

Why partner with us?

As part of the larger Capitol Broadcasting Company, our creative, data-driven marketing team is backed by the firm foundation and legacy of a media company few agencies can match.

We have creative designers who dream in image and color, word-obsessed copywriters with ink-stained fingers, and number-crunching data analysts who create graphs for fun. Most importantly, we know, from experience, it takes the combination of all these skills to create successful campaigns. And we are passionate about successful campaigns.

Our team has 90 combined years in creative design, analytics, fulfillment, marketing, and communications at organizations including:

  • Wasserman Experience
  • Clean Design
  • French West Vaughan
  • NC Biotechnology Center     
  • United Way of the Greater Triangle
  • Girl Scouts NC Coastal Pines           
  • NC State Athletics   
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we receive matching funds through this grant program?

Interested organizations must express interest above. This is not a grant program and our process is selective.

Is there a minimum or maximum match?

There is $1.5 Million available for allocation across all partners. There is a $50,000 minimum commitment expected on the part of the recipient to participate though we have made exceptions. If you are questioning whether you have the funds to participate, contact us!

What can the match be used for?

Our match should be viewed as a co-investment and may be up to a dollar-for-dollar commitment of time, services, and work product. 

Is there a deadline for drawing matching funds?

We will walk you through timelines and deadlines during the application process.

My organization is applying for a grant. Can we include CBC Invests as a source of potential funding in our grant application to demonstrate capacity and increase our odds?

We are very open to this but recommend getting in touch with us to discuss the specifics! The opportunity may depend on the guidelines of the grant itself or the grant’s funding authority. 

Congratulations to our CBC Invests Partners

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